Dino-lite AM4113T5X升级为AM4113T5

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Dlite logoDate of Publication: March 11, 2019

SN: 20190311

Product Change Notification


Image quality improvement and appearance change on Dino-Lite Premier 500X models.

Product Affected:

Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T5X (R4) and AM4013MT5X (R4)

Description of Change:

Modification on optics will be made to provide better image quality. The front cap will also be changed to accommodate new optics. Therefore, the identifier code of the part number will be changed from T5X to T5. In other words, the AM4113T5X and AM4013MT5X will no longer be available after the changes.

Effective Date:

Because the inventory of the old optics is running out much faster than expected, the change will be effective immediately. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

For any questions regarding this modification, please contact your AnMo sales counterpart.


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